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Physicians are medical doctors that seek to restore health through the study, diagnosis and treatment of different diseases, conditions and injuries. They are typically interested in the scientific application of medicine, which can include any number of therapies from pharmaceuticals to surgery.

Because of the wide scope, technological nature and need for specific knowledge, the types of physicians commonly available has become quite large, and there are now many different branches of medicine that attract physicians. From psychiatry to neurology, there are physicians working to improve almost any aspect of health you can imagine.

Physicians undertake a lengthy and arduous process to become qualified in their field, and it normally involves years of tertiary education and further internships and practice before becoming fully qualified. It typically takes five to eight years for most physicians to gain a medical degree, and there are normally several more years of supervised practice before full registration is conferred upon a physician.

Finding A Physician

Most people know that a general practitioner or GP is the first person to approach about many common conditions, diseases and trauma injuries. You can find GPs listed here on, and they will be able to offer treatment, advice and referral to a specialist when necessary.

You may choose to seek out a specialist for your own knowledge, or to obtain a second opinion, and you can find many specialist physicians on The physicians listed on this website have online profiles that offer information and relevant details such as addresses and phone numbers.

Find out more detailed information about the type of services each specialist physician typically offer using the category links on this page, or call chosen physicians with the details provided for more information or to make an appointment. - connecting you with Australia's physicians.