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Pathology refers to the diagnosis and study of disease through examination of the organs, fluids and tissues of the body. A physician specialising in pathology is known as a pathologist, and pathology is divided into two main disciplines - anatomical pathology and clinical pathology - and in some cases, pathologists practice both types of pathology. This is often called general pathology.

Anatomical pathology involves the examination of diseases tissues with the naked eye or with the addition of a microscope (gross examination), microscopic examination tissues and fluids, such as with histopathology and cytopathology, cytogenics and many other examination techniques. These areas of examination can become a further specialty for pathologists.

Clinical pathology deals largely with clinical chemistry, hematopathology, microbiology and molecular genetics. Clinical pathologists may focus in any of these areas as a further specialisation. There are also other forms of pathology, such as forensic pathology and surgical pathology.

The vast number of cancers are identified and confirmed through pathology, and other physicians rely on pathologists to treat patients for various conditions. Pathologists play an important role in the study and development of fighting various diseases and conditions.

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