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Rheumatology is the study of rheumatic diseases and is considered a sub-specialty in internal medicine and paediatrics.

Rheumatology is the study of rheumatism which is a general term for any diseases or ailments that impact the muscles, joints, connective tissues, soft tissues around the joints and bones with the term also referring to rheumatic fever affecting heart valves.

Rheumatologists, the clinicians who specialise in rheumatology, work with all clinical problems associated with the soft tissue, joints and connective tissue of the human body. One of the most common issues in rheumatology is arthritis. This field of study is constantly evolving as there are numerous scientific discoveries when it comes to rheumatology, especially in regards to the immunology of these disorders

What's more, the numbers of qualified rheumatologists is rising globally with increasing demand for specialists due to the aging populations who are in greater need of specialised treatment.

Rheumatologists are now experienced and qualified to treat the majority of chronic rheumatological disorders with results improving as research continues. This improvement has been attributed to the discovery of biologics, which are new disease modifying agents. These agents have proven to be highly effective in the treatment of patients suffering with chronic and disabling joint disorders, with a high number of rheumatoid arthritis patients actually being cured through the introduction and wide spread use of biologic treatments.

Other treatments used in rheumatology include steroids for advanaced cases, analgesics, NSAIDs (Non-Steroid Anti-Inflammatory Drugs), DMARDs (Disease-Modifying Anti-Rheumatic Drugs), Anti-B-Cell Therapy, Occupational therapy and Physiotherapy.