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Business Overview

A physician based skincare clinic offering the latest and most effective technology.


2 Customer Reviews

Today was my third visit to this centre and again Lilly made me a very hippy customer.I have nothing but praise for Lilly's way of doing things.She will give you the best advise and recommend her service based on your needs not based on money value.She is very professional and knowledgeable without being patronising in any way.Thank you Lilly- I would definitely recommend this centre and would continue with my 'secret Beaty treatments' Love it
this is good for everyone

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Our Team Profiles

Lilly Matic

Lilly Matic


Registered Division 1 Nurse


Lilly has been working as a Registered Division 1 Nurse since 1979 and has had plenty of experience in all areas of the hospital. She has also been educated internationally providing her with a wide range of knowledge. Having a particular interest in the surgical area, Lilly became a surgical nurse which then led her into plastics and the cosmetic industry. Lilly became very interested in the cosmetic industry and completed Beauty Therapy in 1991. Lilly started a beauty college in 1997 and then went onto opening Skin Aesthetics and Medical Centre not long after combining beauty and health care together. Lilly also regularly attends international and national seminars and beauty and anti aging clinics to keep up to date with all the new treatments and technology. Lilly’s passion is to provide people with a new, fresh and natural look using a combination of different treatments.


Please note that the following testimonials are collected, supplied and maintained by Skin Aesthetics and Medical Centre.

Cathi B ,
Two weeks after the procedure, my 'shelf' is gone. I can wear my jeans without any extra stomach hanging over the top.
Karen C ,
I would recommend SlimLipo to anyone who has battled with dieting and exercise and has not seen any results. Many thanks for really helping me love the way I look.
SlimLipo Patient ,
I was able to return to work and exercise very soon after the procedure. There was a day or two of soreness but no real pain. I am very pleased with my results and would do it again.
Karen C ,
Had I known how easy it would be, I would have done SlimLipo a long time ago! I have dieted and exercised for many years and nothing worked. Then, along came SlimLipo.
SlimLipo Patient ,
I am extremely pleased from the start with almost no down time. I am very amazed at the results even at one month.
Cathi B ,
I can't believe the procedure was so simple and easy. I was walking 3 miles that same night!
Karen C ,
I would rather have SlimLipo than go to the dentist. It was painless and the results are fantastic.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can SlimLipo do for me?


Whether you're trying to regain your pre-maternity curves or your abs are frustratingly resistant to crunches, a flatter stomach is now within reach. With minimal downtime and discomfort, SlimLipo can "melt" fat as well as firm and tighten your upper and lower abdomen to make them ready for the beach.


Many women turn to SlimLipo™ when they're losing the battle of the bra bulge. Excess fat on your upper back can ruin the line of your clothes and make your bra feel uncomfortable. This area is very difficult to target with diet, but SlimLipo can remove bulges to help you say bye-bye to back fat.


More often than not, it's family genes that are keeping you out of those designer jeans. SlimLipo can slenderize, sculpt, and tone your butt in ways no treadmill can. Get ready to look as good walking out the door as you do walking in.


A gentle droop under your chin may come naturally with age, but that doesn't mean you have to wave the white flag. SlimLipo body contouring can eliminate extra fatty tissue around the chin and neck (a.k.a. the submental) with impressive results, and often with only a local anesthesia, in as little as an hour.


Let's face it. There isn't much to love about the stubborn fat that clings to the side of your abs and just won't let go. You've probably found it takes a mix of cardio, weight training and sit-ups to even begin to see results in this area. If you've had enough, SlimLipo laser body sculpting may be the answer for you.


For men, laser body sculpting can eliminate the pockets of fatty tissue (also known as gynecomastia) that have you self-consciously reaching for baggy clothes and keeping your shirt on when you hit the beach. SlimLipo removes excess chest fat to sculpt a leaner and meaner upper torso.


Who among us doesn't battle with their thighs? But no matter how many lunges you log, some fat just won't budge. SlimLipo slims those resistant trouble spots on your thighs by melting and removing the fat, giving you a leaner silhouette. Hello, skinny jeans.


Triceps are one tough target. Women especially suffer from hard-to-tone upper arms and often hide out under long sleeves. Now, SlimLipo can treat this problem spot with fantastic results. And you thought your tank top days were over.

SlimLipo - Recovery

Generally, recovery time is very quick. Most patients experience little to no soreness and many even go to work the next day. A compression garment usually is worn on the treated area for a few days.

SlimLipo - During the procedure

There may be a slight pinching and minimal discomfort when local anesthesia is administered. Because the SlimLipo body sculpting system uses precision laser technology, there's little to no "ripping" and "tearing" like in traditional liposuction. Most patients feel nothing but mild warmth during the process.

SlimLipo - Getting started

Your first step is to schedule a consultation with a SlimLipo physician. During the consultation, be prepared to discuss your medical history and goals for the procedure. Your physician will tell you whether SlimLipo is right for you, what results you can expect, and how much your SlimLipo body contouring procedure will cost.

Why SlimLipo - Is it right for me.

SlimLipo is for men and women with areas of unwanted fat they want to get rid of quickly — particularly challenging areas that don't respond to diet and exercise. Your SlimLipo physician will help you determine if you are a good candidate for the procedure but typically our patients are:

  • In good physical health and regularly exercise
  • Within about 25 pounds of their ideal weight
  • Looking to target localized, stubborn fat deposits

SlimLipo may be the right body sculpting choice for you if you are looking for:

  • A minimally-invasive treatment to remove excess fat build-up in a particular area of the body.
  • A fat removal treatment that requires limited downtime.
  • Permanent removal of the treated fat cells from specific areas of your body.

Please note that SlimLipo is not for anyone who is pregnant or breastfeeding, obese, taking anti-coagulants or suffering with certain chronic conditions. Consult your physician for more information.

Why SlimLipo - How it works

The state-of-the-art SlimLipo laser lipolysis system delivers a unique fat "melting" laser wavelength that gently liquefies fat for easier removal from the body through a medical suction device.

Unlike traditional liposuction, SlimLipo laser liposuction doesn't just remove unwanted fat. It also can reduce sagging, and create a smoothly contoured surface.

The SlimLipo Body Sculpting Laser is cleared by the United State of America Food and Drug Administration for laser-assisted lipolysis and coagulation of soft tissue.



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